The Garage Series for Office 365: Achieving the ‘impossible’ to extend SharePoint using the new app model

Some developers may say that full trust code is required to do things in SharePoint like branding OneDrive for Business sites, building people pickers or timer jobs. This week Jeremy Chapman and Richard diZerega return to the city known for making the impossible possible – Las Vegas – to see if there are ways to build out these common developer requests in SharePoint using the new app model.

Last week we brought on engineering leader, Asaf Kashi, to go under the hood with Data Loss Prevention and encryption features in Office 365.

This week is dedicated to SharePoint and Office 365 developers and we thought we’d answer some of the most frequently asked questions around extending SharePoint and OneDrive for Business using the new app model. To do this, we brought back long-time Garage Series contributor, developer and app model expert, Richard diZerega, to help us achieve what some may think is not possible using the new app model.

Some of the most common requests we hear about the app model are how to get

  • user experience
  • branding, and
  • timer jobs

extensibility options to work in SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business or on premises with SharePoint 2013. While things aren’t necessarily done in the same ways they used to be, there are ways to build people and taxonomy pickers, brand sites (even OneDrive for Business) and create timer jobs using the app model. Richard explains how its all done and shows everything in action set to the backdrop of Las Vegas.

Of course, we only scratch the surface when describing what is truly possible. To see code samples for the demonstrations on the show and a much longer list of common requests enabled in the app model, check out Office App Model Samples on Codeplex.